How to Register Theme?

How to Generate Envato Token? #

Make sure you are logged in with the ThemeForest Account that was used to purchase this theme.

Click on this Generate A Personal Token link to be directed to the page where you actually create the token (code). You should get something similar to the screenshot here

Enter a unique name in the ‘Token Name’ field. You can use any name that will be easy to remember and associate, for example: RadiantToken

Under the ‘Permissions Needed’ section, make sure the following checkboxes are checked:

  1. View the user’s Envato Account username
  2. List purchases the user has made
  3. Verify purchases the user has made

Check the ‘Terms and Conditions’ checkbox, then click ‘Create Token’. You’ll now see the Success! page with your Personal Token displayed.


Now copy and save your Personal Token to a safe place and paste in the Text Field.

Please see Screenshot

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